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Weave Housing: Futuristic Prefabbed Apartment Concept for Denver, CO.

by Daniel E. Fava
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denver apartments: denver coAs a follow up on my article about Denver apartments I discovered this article about a new building concept and wanted to link to it.

A new building concept for apartments in Denver, Colorado using perfabricated lightweight insulated concrete and high performance glazing would shorten construction times and reduce overall cost according to an article found here https://inhabitat.com/weave-housing-futuristic-prefabricated-apartment-concept-for-denver-co/.

Different sized apartments would be featured, some one unit wide, others two across or two vertically, or even larger according to renters needs. Each apartment is narrow in width and long in length  which will allow for more daylight.

The term weave housing was inspired by a child’s weaving loom with the facade of the complex featuring various textures and deep overhangs which will add the the passive design strategy.

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