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4 Must-Try Mexican Restaurants In Denver

by Josephine Hogan

There are so many amazing things to do when you live in Denver. Whether you want to go hiking or you’re looking to spend the day exploring one of the amazing lakes throughout the city. But when you get to the end of your day of adventuring, it can be hard to decide what to have for dinner. Denver is packed full of some really great restaurants. Which is why we want to help you narrow down your search. We’ve compiled some of our favorite Mexican restaurants you’ll want to try the next time you want to get out for dinner.

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1) Los Cuates Mexican Restaurant

Launched during the height of the pandemic, Los Cuates is owned and operated by a Salvadoran who works hard to accomplish his dream. And he does it with some amazing food. A mix of authentic Mexican, Salvadorian, and Tex-Mex to create a stunning and delicious menu. 

  • Address:
    • 1124 Yosemite Street, Denver, CO 80247
  • Hours
    • Monday through Friday: 6 Am to 8.30 PM
    • Saturday: 7 AM to 8.30 PM
    • Sunday: 8 AM to 8.30 PM
  • Website:

2) La Abeja Restaurant

If you are looking for a delicious meal, specifically a breakfast option, then you’ll need to look no further than La Abeja. This family-owned Mexican restaurant serves some of the best Mexican food you get in the area. While situated in a smaller space, don’t be discouraged. You will want to stop in for an amazing breakfast burrito.

  • Address:
    • 6508 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203
  • Hours
    • Monday through Saturday: 8 AM to 3 PM
    • Sunday: 8 AM to 2 PM
  • Website:

3) Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina

Bringing traditional Mexican fare, Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina is the perfect spot to have a relaxing and enjoyable meal. All of the recipes made here are from the state of Michocan, Mexico. This woman/family-owned business is a great place to have a delicious meal.

  • Address:
    • 1294 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210
  • Hours
    • Tuesday through Sunday: 10 AM to 11 PM
  • Website:

4) Taqueria La Familia

Though, Taqueria La Familia is a small establishment, with only a few tables inside, don’t let it deter you from checking it out.  When you visit, you’ll find they are all about making the customer feel right at home. They provide real authentic Mexican food that is all made from scratch. This delicious food will have you wanting to go back time and time again.

What is your favorite Mexican restaurant to visit? Head on over to the comments to let us know if your go-to spot made the list or not.

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