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Denver For Rent: Apartment Boom Coming Soon to Metro Denver

by Daniel E. Fava
apts denver: plate of fruit

apts denver: plate of fruitAs a follow up to my article on Denver for rent I saw this and wanted to link to it.

Foreclosures nation wide are working in favor of apartment owners and landlords. A large portion of the people who are being foreclosed on are moving into apartments in Denver for rent according to https://homesindenver.org/2011/03/28/apartment-boom-coming-soon-to-metro-denver/. Apartment vacancies are dropping as a result.

It seems that there will be a complete renovation of the Denver metro area.  Investors are eager to start new projects that include several new apartment buildings in Denver for rent. Developers have predicted that 2,500 new apartments will be constructed in the area this year with that number doubling to 5,000 for next year. Vacancy rate is currently at its lowest in a decade. The construction of all these new apartments will be a good thing for the economy of Denver.

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