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Firefighters Rescue 3 In Rental Denver Apartment Fire

by Daniel E. Fava
apts denver: firemen

apts denver: firemenI found this great article and wanted to link it to my article on rental Denver.

Firefighters rescued 3 people from an apartment rental in Denver using ladder trucks. The fire started on the ground level and is under investigation at this time.

“The hallway was charged with smoke, they could not exit their apartment. Our fire crews advised them to close the sliding glass door behind them to give them more time and fresh air,” Cpt. Allen Robnett said. “We were able to affect a rescue via ladder.”

Firefighters were able to gain control of the situation by entering the building.

No one was hurt according to the folks at https://denver.cbslocal.com/2011/06/13/firefighters-rescue-3-in-aurora-apartment-blaze/.

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