Want to Garden in Containers at Your Rental? Denver is the Perfect Place to Try It

apts denver: container gardenAs a follow up to my article on rental Denver I found this and wanted to link to it.

Sarah Schultz is a container gardening enthusiast who believes contrainer plants can brighten up your rental. Denver has a short growing season but Schultz believes it is worth the effort to have the beauty of plants around.

“I consider containers paintings with plants,” Schultz said.

“They can brighten up a front porch or patio. They can add color where you have a dead spot. They’re growing more popular with so many
people moving from houses to condos or apartments. Edibles in containers is now huge for people who don’t have room for a vegetable garden per se.”

Some recommendations from Schultz are, pick large, pretty plants, water frequently, combine texture and color, and choose a good growing medium according to http://www.denverpost.com/grow/ci_18385260.

How about you? Any luck finding a rental Denver? Comment below.

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